Monday, August 9, 2010

'Vamps' to start filming in Detroit's Times Square

See the young woman in the red shirt sitting in a chair on the sidewalk outside the Parker-Webb Building?

She's wearing what has quickly become one of the most commonly seen garments in downtown Detroit these days (aside from anything with the Olde English D on it, of course.)

The red golf shirt is the official uniform of RSIG Security, the firm that nearly every movie production company has hired to keep the crowds away while they make their movies in Detroit. In fact, it's typically an RSIG employee who tells me to stop taking pictures on a movie set, at which point I walk 20 feet and take more.

After I spotted her, I deduced in very sleuth-like fashion that another film was getting underway in Detroit, this time in the Parker-Webb, which by the way is a beautifully restored old building in an otherwise forgotten part of downtown occasionally referred to as Times Square. (It's on Grand River near Bagley, just across from Nick's Gaslight, if that helps.)

According to Red Shirt, crews are currently inside the building setting up for a movie called 'Vamps', starring Alicia Silverstone, Sigourney Weaver and others. Reportedly, the movie tells the story of two young vampire girls who live in New York. Filming could begin as early as tomorrow.