Friday, August 13, 2010

Finding a remnant from Detroit's 'CarTunes on Parade' collection

The 'CarTunes on Parade' exhibit that planted miniature car sculptures throughout downtown Detroit back in 2005 is, for the most part, a memory.

The sculptures, each uniquely decorated by area artists, were placed on sidewalks all along the Woodward Corridor and throughout much of downtown, all as part of a national effort to raise money for charity and local artists.

The cars were later auctioned off, but Meg came across this leftover not far from Comerica Park during a recent Tigers game trip.

We in Detroit should feel grateful, incidentally. This national fundraiser brought car sculptures to the streets of Detroit and Windsor, but similar campaigns put different types of sculptures in cities throughout the country. Chicago got cows; Cincinnati got pigs. I, for one, am glad the "cars-and-music" motif made it here.