Friday, August 6, 2010

'LOL: Laughing Out Loud' begins filming in Detroit

The Garden Court Condos: 65 rooms with a view.
The latest movie production crew to set up shop in Detroit is here to film 'LOL: Laughing Out Loud', a film starring Demi Moore and Miley Cyrus. I'm not so much interested  in the movie (by the way, it's a remake of a French film that was made a few years ago), but I did find a pretty cool little note about the building in which the movie is being filmed.

The Garden Court Condominiums building is a newly renovated, nine-story building on Detroit's eastside, at E. Jefferson and Joseph Compeau, just down the block from Atwater Block Brewery. In recent years, it served as the fictional home of Detroit D.J. Martin on the TV show 'Martin'.

Like seemingly every building in the city, Garden Court was designed by Albert Kahn back in the early 1900s. Legend tells that Kahn designed the building for J. Harrington Walker, son of whiskey magnate Hiram Walker. According to the tale, Garden Court was built to offer J. Harrington a place from which he could see out over the Detroit River to his deceased father's distilleries in Canada during Prohibition.

I've no idea what 'LOL' is about, although I'm sure it'll involve a lot of text messaging. But if you ask me, a Prohibition-era film about a whiskey industrialist who builds a tower on an international boundary to keep on eye on booze runners sounds like a better plot base.