Tuesday, August 24, 2010

St. Mary's Church in Greektown remains one of Detroit's religious wonders

St. Mary's Church in Greektown
Standing alongside newly built structures such as the Greektown Casino hotel, St. Mary's Church in Detroit's Greektown neighborhood is, even to a person who struggles to build a birdhouse, an architectural gem.

Amazing brick and tile work. Beautifully arched doorways. Incredible detail everywhere, made even more incredible when you notice the Michigan Historical Marker and read that the church was built nearly 200 years ago.

And then you peruse the church's website and discover that, despite being built in 1884, it is referred to as "The New Church". That's because the original one was built in 1835 (and still the parish is only the third oldest Catholic church in Detroit.)

All these years later, St. Mary's has become a downtown Detroit landmark. A look from St. Antoine Street is stunning enough; just wait until you get a glimpse inside. Trust me, the picture at the top of the church's homepage is worth a click.