Tuesday, August 10, 2010

'Vamps', 'Street King 2: Motor City' filming in downtown Detroit

'Vamp' crews set up in front of the Parker-Webb Building on Grand River.
Grand River Avenue in downtown Detroit was buzzing this afternoon as film crews working on two different projects were setting up across the street from one another.

Alicia Silverstone and the 'Vamps' crew were filming in the Parker-Webb Building on Grand River near Bagley. About 100 feet away, Ray Liotta and company were using the Times Square Station of the Detroit People Mover to film scenes for the sequel to 'Street King'. Liotta, who takes the lead from original 'Street Kings' star Keanu Reaves, plays a Detroit cop in the new movie, 'Street Kings 2: Motor City'.

If you hope to catch some of the filming, you best hurry. No word on how long the 'Vamps' gang will be in town, but pedestrian signs announced that the Times Square Station - which is closed all day Tuesday - will reopen on Wednesday, Aug. 11.