Monday, August 2, 2010

On the set of 'A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas'

It was obvious Hollywood was in town earlier today because there was a subway station in downtown Detroit. Ah, the magic of the movies!

For filming of 'A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas', crews have a block of Congress Street all gussied up in its Manhattan-at-Christmas-time best. Street signs that once said "Griswold" now read "Wall St." The Jimmy John's restaurant at Griswold and Congress transformed into Bull & Bear Market. And crowds of on-lookers - a couple of whom might even keep a silly blog - watched as scenes were prepared for and rehearsed. 

We even caught John Cho step out of the Buhl Building, perform a 15-second scene, and then disappear again for another take. 

Word has it the 'Harold and Kumar' people will be back tomorrow for another round of filming, before packing their stuff for another locale. So far they've shot scenes at an old Budweiser warehouse on Detroit's eastside, Eastern Market, and numerous locations in Oakland County.

Around the corner from the 'Harold and Kumar' downtown set, it looks as if 'Real Steel' is wrapped up filming at the old fire house on Washington across from Cobo Hall.