Monday, August 23, 2010

'Transformers 3' setting up at Michigan Central Station?

The Michigan Central Station in Corktown
The old Michigan Central Station might be one of the most photographed buildings in Detroit. Thanks to director Michael Bay, it's becoming one of the most-filmed, too.

The MCS - that vacant, broken-windowed concrete monster that towers over Corktown - is rumored to be the location for scenes in 'Transformers 3', a film directed by Bay, who you may recall also used the MCS during filming of the original 'Transformers' movie in 2005 and during filming of 'The Island' in 2006. Maybe he just really likes the food at Slow's Bar B-Q.

Taping didn't appear to have started when I drove past earlier this morning, but there were a few guys hanging around outside. One politely informed me that they were "working on a project", but he couldn't elaborate when I asked him which movie was being filmed.

If nothing else, the detour on my way downtown gave me a first-ever chance to get up close with the old train station. Trust me, the decay gets more remarkable the closer you get to the barbed wire fence.

Wanna see more of the MCS? Click here to revisit a previous Times post and take a 360-degree tour of the building's lobby. It's awesome.