Friday, February 26, 2010

Surprise! It's a mini-Pizza Papalis

If you've never laid teeth into a Pizza Papalis pie before, you're missing out. On about 8,000 calories, I'd guess. Chock full of cheese that'll keep you bunged up for days, Pizza Papalis' pizzas are always ranked among the tops in the Detroit area. I knew about the chain's two full-size restaurants downtown; in fact, the only time I'd eaten one I was at the Rivertown store, on Jefferson just east of the RenCen.

I was surprised when I stumbled across a third downtown Pizza Papalis earlier today in the Dime Building on Griswold, an area I thought I was pretty familiar with. It shares street-level space with Rio Wraps, and while it isn't a full-blown Pizza Papalis (they only serve 6-inch juniors) it's another tasty lunch option within walking distance of work. (The Dime Building, by the way, is another cool example of a building that went from famous to sitting empty to refurbished. More on that some other time.)

Never had a Pizza Papalis and want to give it a try? I don't recommend the Dime Building location unless you happen to be downtown during the week during business hours. But for an evening or weekend feast, try the restaurants in Rivertown or Greektown. Trust me, there's no better beer-base in the world!