Monday, July 26, 2010

A look inside Tallet's Gym on the 'Real Steel' set

A boxing ring fills a room in the old firehouse for filming of 'Real Steel'.
The sign announcing Tallet's Gym that hung outside over Larned Street has been removed.

But filming of the movie 'Real Steel' continued inside the old firehouse across from Cobo Hall late last week, and we managed to peak in for a quick look.

Not sure how this will get used in the movie, but it seems in complete contrast to what the movie is supposed to be about. By all reports, 'Real Steel', starring Hugh Jackman, is a sci-fi movie in which robots take the place of humans as boxers. I think Jackman is a trainer. Anyway, the gym they've built at the firehouse looks anything but futuristic. More like an old-school gym that would've been used to film 'Rocky'.

Click here to see what the sign outside the building looked like.