Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Recalling the glory days of Woodward Avenue

The picture above shows Detroiters waiting for a streetcar on Woodward Avenue near State Street in 1949. I wish I could credit the original photographer, but I’ve no idea who took it. It was submitted by devoted Kage reader GrifsDad, whose real name isn’t GrifsDad, but for the sake of anonymity, we’re calling him that here.

In addition to saving me and my plantar wart from a cold walk around downtown to find some other semi-interesting tidbit, I’m posting this picture as Part I of a two-part series. Tomorrow, with this picture in hand, I’m going to head over to Woodward and take a new one of the same location, just to see what’s changed. And what hasn’t. I’m pretty sure the Kern’s clock is still there. I’m almost certain the people are not.

I figure it’ll be semi-interesting, which makes it perfect material to appear here. I just hope my plantar wart is up for it!