Monday, January 25, 2010

Best of luck to one future WCCC student

When you're walking the sidewalks of downtown Detroit, it's pretty common for someone to slow their car at the curb, roll down a window and ask for directions. Downtown Detroit can be a pretty confusing place to navigate.

The other day I was outside my building at work and a car pulled up to the intersection shown in this photo, stopping at the white line you see in the foreground. A girl - who was driving with who I assumed was her father - rolled down the passenger side window and asked me for directions to Wayne County Community College.

Let the record show that the enormous gray building in the background is Wayne County Community College. I tried really hard to not sound all smart-assy when I pointed and said, "Over there." I didn't think to ask her what she was going to study, but I don't imagine she'll major in cartography.