Thursday, January 28, 2010

A peak inside the old Free Press building

A few months ago I mentioned the long-empty Free Press building, which until the late 1980s was home to the Detroit Free Press. The last I heard, the building was in the process of being restored by a company that specializes in movie-making special effects. Compared to a lot of the old buildings downtown, restoring the Free Press building wouldn't be an enormous undertaking; it seems in pretty decent shape.

I've got no update on any new tenants moving in, and I've seen no evidence of work being done to restore the old place. Patience, I suppose. As it stands right now, if you press your face to the large glass windows, you can still see traces of the old Free Press lobby. One wall features murals of old photos, as well as a huge replica of a Free Press front page with the headline "Man Walks On Moon!"

I'm not sure how well the photo will reproduce on this website, but hopefully you can make out the large letters on the left side that say "Galley". That's the word "Press"
tipped sideways at the left edge of the picture. (And in case it isn't clear, those buildings at the top of the picture are a reflection of the buildings behind me.)