Wednesday, January 27, 2010

More from the glory days of Woodward

Because it's really cold outside and I'm without my earmuffs, we're going to once again pass on meandering downtown this afternoon. Instead, I rely again on one of the cool pictures submitted recently by devoted Kage reader GrifsDad. It's another shot of Woodward, this time between Jefferson and Larned, and was taken on March 25, 1956.

You may recall that our last Detroit Then & Now photo featured people standing outside Kern's department store. Look closely at this picture and you'll see the Kern's sign a few blocks up Woodward. Because our little "Then and Now" experiment last week was such a popular entry with readers like Squishy, we'll do it again this time. Check back tomorrow to see what Woodward between Jefferson and Larned looks like these days.