Monday, January 4, 2010

Lafayette Building nearing the end

Here's the surest sign that the 'Red Dawn' gang has left town: demolition of the Lafayette Building has begun. For real this time.

In recent weeks, workers have ramped up the process of dismantling the Lafayette, which for what seemed like months was being used to support huge banners hanging over Michigan Avenue for the filming of 'Red Dawn'. Now, Detroit's most famous building-with-trees-on-the-roof is simply an awesome wreck, with huge gouges revealing a building frame that seems just seconds away from tumbling on its own. (I, for one, am going to hold off for awhile before stopping next door for another coney dog.)

When the destruction is complete, I think I'll hop back on the People Mover and take another photo from this same angle, just to see the difference in the skyline. (And I'm standing by my earlier prediction that this site is the future location of a new Quicken Loans headquarters.)