Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lafayette Park? That's the word on the street

I don't mean to beat a dead horse, but here's the latest on the wrecking of the old Lafayette Building. First of all, it's just an amazing sight, so I thought the photo alone was worth posting. But then, as I was taking this, two older gentlemen walked past me on the sidewalk and commented on what a great picture I was going to have. One of them (who you'll meet again in the near future in this space) went on to say that, according to workers tearing the place down, the site is going to be the home of a new park once the area is cleaned up.

So much for my Quicken Loans headquarters theory! This actually makes decent sense though. Detroit really isn't hurting for available office space at the minute, and a new park would just add to the green-space commitment the city has pledged to create.

One quick word on the photo: If you look closely at the middle of the building, that side of the structure is actually about one-room thick right now. See that daylight coming through the window? It's a strange sight to see it up close – amazing that place doesn't tumble under its own weight.