Friday, June 25, 2010

4th Fridays in Campus Martius beefed up for 2010

I caught a bit of the lunchtime live music earlier this week at Campus Martius Park, but that was just a prelude to what "Summer in the Park" planners have cooked up for their 4th Fridays series this summer downtown.

The first of the three all-day events is today, with live music playing at lunch, a Happy Hour show running from 4-6, and a four-band show playing from 6-9:45. The evening will feature The Brothers Groove, Thornetta Davis, Jill Jack, and the Howling Diablos, who, incidentally, should not be confused with blues legend Howlin' Wolf, who, by the way, should not be confused with local blues band Howlin' Mercy, who, it turns out, is fronted by recent Times consumer Andrew Johnson, whose band I once painfully mis-labeled in the local rag as Howlin' Mercy, which immediately ignited my love of Internet-based publications like this one, because now, when you (bleep) something up, you can just go fix it. Nevermind that there wasn't an Internet back then. A short while later, Al Gore and I invented it.

Anyway, back to Campus Martius. Following the evening-long music, the Detroit/Windsor International Film Festival will showcase the work of a pair of local film makers whose films were recently honored. If you're able to make it downtown for the show, the film festival portion will take you to 11 o'clock, at which point I'm going to recommend you walk a half block up Woodward toward the river to the Grand Trunk Pub, order a glass of Full Circle, and raise a toast to the finer things in life, like summer, music and weekends. And the Internet.