Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Grand Trunk Pub celebrates Michigan with beer – a lot of it!

I was doing a little light reading the other day and I thought of Todd, which doesn’t happen very often. Of course, I was reading the beer menu at the Grand Trunk Pub – which specializes in beers brewed in Michigan – and I noticed they sell three beers that are brewed in Mt. Pleasant. So I thought of Todd. (Like you wouldn’t have?)

Anyway, Todd would love the Grand Trunk. Aside from specializing in Michigan beers, it also promotes a lot of other Michigan-made businesses. They’ve got Faygo pop on the menu, serve their sandwiches on Avalon breads, and use produce bought at Eastern Market. As for my order, I went with a glass of Full Circle beer, a tuna sandwich and a side of chips. Full Circle is brewed in Holland and the chips are Detroit’s own Better Made. If I didn’t know otherwise, I’d guess the tuna was fished out of Higgins Lake.

The Grand Trunk is on Woodward between Campus Martius Park and West Jefferson, in a building that’s been there since 1879 and was once the ticket office for the Grand Trunk Rail Road’s Brush Street depot. The building is a Michigan historical landmark, and it’s worth a quick visit just to check out the 1900s architecture with high vaulted ceilings and hardwood floors. It's a beautiful place.    

As always, this abridged pub commentary is being made available exclusively to Kage readers. The full review will be posted soon along with these other downtown bar profiles. Enjoy!