Friday, June 25, 2010

Hitsville U.S.A. celebrates the life of Michael Jackson

It was quite a scene outside of Hitsville U.S.A. on Grand Boulevard this afternoon, when the folks at the Motown Museum welcomed fans of Michael Jackson to gather and celebrate the gloved one's life and music. It was pretty remarkable, really.

In the yard next to the house where the Jackson 5 originally recorded some of their early hits, speakers blared classic Jackson 5 and Michael Jackson songs through the neighborhood. There were Michael impersonators. Michael paraphernalia. Michael t-shirts. Even this huge Michael poster, which was designed by the guy standing next to it, although I didn't catch his name. The lawn in front of Hitsville was packed, so more people set up their lawn chairs in the median of Grand Boulevard. It kind of reminded me of people tailgating while they waited for a concert to start.

What was most remarkable was the enormous age range of the people celebrating. Dancing together to "A-B-C" were a young boy who I'm guessing was four and a woman who was well into her 70s. (And they could both move pretty well!) Never been a huge Michael fan, myself, but if you think he's a cult hero in the suburbs, you should see how they love him on the street where he made his name.