Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fountain Bistro opening in Campus Martius Park

Our relentless digging for marginally insightful information reveals that Fountain Bistro – now occupying the former home of Au Bon Pain in the heart of downtown Detroit – is planning a soft launch for tomorrow, Wednesday, June 2. No word on when the "hard" launch will happen, but it's nice to see there wasn't a long dead period in that space following the closing of Au Bon Pain earlier this year.

Campus Martius Park, you may recall reading recently, was named the No. 1 urban park in the country for the impact its has in helping grow the surrounding areas. I will happily vouch for the fact that it's a better park with a restaurant on site, so I'm looking forward to checking out Fountain Bistro. And for the record, we're pleased with the name change, if no other reason than the previous cafe was an Au Bon Pain in the ass to pronounce.