Monday, November 2, 2009

More movie news: ‘Crave’ starts filming in downtown Detroit

Without needing to block off any streets, the small cast and crew of a movie called ‘Crave’ quietly went about their business last week of filming a movie in Detroit. It was so small, Kage credientials weren’t even necessary. I thought about sticking around and helping them with some rewrites.

I spotted them as I walked past the Detroit Beer Co., a handful of people setting up cameras and lights, and at first I assumed some of the ‘Master Class’ folks had moved a few blocks away to shoot a scene. It turns out, though, that this was a whole separate endeavor, a small independent film called ‘Crave’ starring some people whose names are Josh Lawson, Emma Lung and Ron Perlman (I think I’ve heard of him.)

My crack research tells me that the movie is a psychological thriller about a troubled photographer (Lawson) whose dangerous visions wreak havoc when his romance with a young woman (Lung) ends and he is pursued by a world-weary detective (Perlman). Writing credit for that last sentence should go to the folks at