Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Meet the UMJenn Friends

Due to an inability of its participants to agree on rules, the Detroit Burberry Game has been cancelled. (It's too bad, I was already working on Photoshopping the RenCen plaid.)

In its place, the Kage introduces a new feature called "UMJenn Friends", which is catchier than saying "people who I see downtown wearing Michigan stuff." I should point out that this feature is inspired by a homeless guy who came up to me yesterday, asked me to remove my headphones, and started singing "Hards Days' Night". Then he started laughing. I was just glad he didn't ask me for money. He had a real cool, although not-too-clean Michigan sweatshirt on. Unfortunately, I couldn't get to my camera phone in time. Hopefully I can find the guy again. 

Anyway, I dug deep into the Kage's photo archives and unearthed this picture of a guy who was working during the filming of "Master Class" a few weeks ago. You gotta love the Bob Ufer reference, especially coming from an out-of-town Hollywood type.