Monday, November 9, 2009

Biden swings thru Detroit, eats a Coney

As always, when something newsworthy happens in Detroit, the Kage is there. At least if it's convenient. And as long as it happens around lunch hour. And it's best if it isn't raining. Or cold and windy, that's no good either. 

So anyway, weather conditions were ripe for a motorcade spotting Monday afternoon, as Vice-President Dick Biden was lunching at Lafayette Coney Island. Not sure why he was in town, but the police escort in front of and trailing the VP's limo was impressive. There were state troopers on motorcycles at every corner from the restaurant down Lafayette to the Lodge.

As Biden was quickly whisked out of the restaurant, I managed to dismount my bike quickly enough to snap the picture you see. Onlookers spotted Biden in the second limo pictured. I'm not positive but I think there was a mustard stain on his collar.