Friday, October 30, 2009

Faye Dunaway’s ‘Master Class’ begins filming at Grand Circus Park

As the ‘Red Dawn’ people continued to film their movie just a few blocks away, a new mob of Hollywood types was in town earlier this week to start production of a movie called ‘Master Class’.

My prestigious Kage Credentials earned me a spot just a few feet off camera, which was really cool to see. The movie is set in 1971, and Grand Circus Park is doubling as a park in New York, according to one of the crewmembers.

Monday, they were shooting a war protest scene, and after seeing three or four takes, it was interesting to see how movies are made. The guy leading the protest, for instance, was holding a megaphone to his mouth but only pretending to yell. No noise was coming out of his mouth. (They must add audio later, but it really strange to see.)

Faye Dunaway, who’s starring in and directing the movie, was there, working only as a director that day. In her black sweat suit and baseball cap, I wouldn’t have recognized her if someone hadn’t yelled out her name. There must have been a hundred extras dressed as hippies and carrying anti-war signs, and they brought in at least a dozen old cars to park along Woodward for background.