Thursday, September 10, 2009

Low-flying plane buzzes over downtown Detroit

Not to try scare the crap out of anybody, but a few of us at work were startled Wednesday afternoon when a low-flying plane flew over downtown Detroit and circled a few times before leaving.

At about 5:40, a couple of women ahead of me on the sidewalk stopped and pointed above the nearby rooftops. I hadn’t heard it (I was listening to the Traveling Wilburys…nice!) so I pulled off my headphones and looked. The plane had disappeared, but a minute later it circled back around. And then it did it again.

The picture I was able to get doesn’t do justice to how low this thing was flying. Naturally, being two days shy of Sept. 11, the women started thinking the worst. Every time the plane disappeared they’d mutter something like, “I hope the RenCen is still there.”

I did a little research on the incident later (i.e. – I Googled it.) and was surprised that neither the Detroit Free Press nor The Detroit News websites made mention of it, especially since the thing went right over their building on Lafayette. I wish I knew more about planes, because this was no single-engine job. It wasn’t a commercial airliner either.

Like I said, not to scare the crap out of anybody, but if you've heard anything about it, let me know.