Friday, August 7, 2009

Tiger Stadium takes a tumble

It’s hardly breaking news, but knowing that Tiger Stadium is gone doesn’t make it any less strange when you drive down Michigan Avenue these days.

The picture was taken when the stadium was on its deathbed, just before the final ruling came down that it wouldn’t be spared. When the final days of destruction were underway, I went by on my bike and watched for a while. I got some unbelievable pictures (which I’ll post here eventually) and watched as the rooftop over the third base line rippled to the ground after a crane swatted the girders out from under it. It was kind of sad to watch it get destroyed. Understandable, but still sad.

I don’t know what the plans are to commemorate the place, but I’m sure there’ll be some sort of memorial built at Michigan and Trumbull. I’ll post an update here when I see something happening.