Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Explore Sindbad's and discover something special

Until now, I've kept these wanderings to bars, parks and other places right in downtown Detroit. I guess I figure that, working down there, I might stumble across something that some of you might want to visit on those nights when you're in the mood to go exploring.

Today I'm in the mood to roam away from downtown, east on Jefferson a bit. There's a reason.

A few years ago, I had heard ads on the radio for a place out near the Belle Isle bridge, a restaurant on the river called Sindbad's. So Jen and I decided to try something new. You've probably heard of Sindbad's, maybe even been there. If not, the dining room is nice but not too formal; upscale-casual, I guess you'd call it. The steaks are thick, the beer is cold, and if you're lucky, the view out over the river is awesome. Most important, they serve lobster. Personally, I never let the stuff get within three feet of my mouth, but Jen loves it.

I think I've been back to Sindbad's once since that night Jen and I went out exploring. But I'm planning to get back there. Real soon. As soon as Jen gets better. I want a big, thick steak, and I want a tall, cold beer. But more than anything, I want to see Jen sitting next to me eating lobster. I don't even care how close she gets.