Monday, August 31, 2009

Lafayette Coney Island featured in ‘Hung’

We’ve all heard about the state tax incentives that have led Hollywood types to come to Michigan to film their projects. Knowing that, I wasn’t too surprised a few weeks ago when I rode through downtown Detroit and saw a mob of people and at least a dozen huge trailers outside of Lafayette Coney Island.

I didn’t stop to ask what was taping, but I could see inside one of the trailers and noticed racks and racks of wardrobe accessories, so I knew they were filming something. (I wish I had gotten a picture.) Anyway, it turns out, what I probably saw was the taping of a scene for the HBO show “Hung”. I read the other day that the show (known more for the cameo G-Money made when a scene was taped at Portofino’s in Wyandotte) was going to feature a scene at Lafayette’s.

A quick note about Lafayette Coney Island: The next time you’re in there, it would be worth it to use the bathroom. The building has been there for probably 100 years. To get to the bathroom, there’s a very narrow staircase that leads down to an even tighter hallway in the basement. It’s so cramped down there, it feels like you’re squirming around below deck on a submarine. A little eerie, but kind of cool.