Friday, August 21, 2009

Ride like the wind! Tour downtown Detroit in a Breezecab

That guy in the picture is Frank. That thing he’s sitting in is called a Breezecab. I saw one earlier today for the first time and had to get a closer look, and when Frank noticed me taking a picture, he waved me over.

“We’ll get you all over downtown – Comerica Park, the Riverfront, Greektown, you name it,” Frank gushed. “Check it out sometime.” He said there are currently five Breezecab’s servicing downtown Detroit, and by next year they hope to have 10.

From the pictures I looked at, not all of the Breezecab’s look like this one. Some are bigger and seat three people. Another has no top and looks similar to a horse drawn carriage.

The company calls itself “Detroit’s largest rickshaw pedal company” – not sure how much competition there is for that title – and really, it looked pretty cool. If I get around to taking one of their 30-minutes tours, I’ll let you know how it goes.

WANNA KNOW MORE?: Visit, or call 248-894-8870.