Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A quick (very quick) look at the Manoogian Mansion

After reading daily references to the place for nearly a decade, it seemed overdue that I finally get a first-hand look at Detroit's most famous home: the Manoogian Mansion.

For anybody who hasn't had the pleasure of driving along Dwight Street on Detroit's near-east side, let me help you. Have you ever driven along Parke Lane on the north end of Grosse Ile, where those multi-million dollar homes stand between the road and the river? It's strikingly similar to that. 

The Manoogian is a beautiful place, built in 1928 and donated to the city in 1966 by Masco founder Alex Manoogian. Since then, it's been designated as the Mayor of Detroit's official residence, at least until Dave Bing opted to pass on the luxury. I stopped the other day to take a look, figuring it was unoccupied. Turns out there were work crews there doing renovations (notice the scaffolding out front). But when I walked about 10 feet up the driveway to get a better picture, a woman hurried down the porch, asked if I had an appointment, and very curtly instructed me to leave. (My Kage card got me nowhere!)

I don't assume there was a party going on, but you never know.