Thursday, October 15, 2009

‘Red Dawn’ takes over downtown Detroit

Not to harp on the “Red Dawn”-is-filming-in-Detroit thing, but as I walked around not smoking cigarettes the other day, I happened by a building downtown that is being completely dressed up to work as a backdrop for the movie. It’s really cool to see.

Where Michigan Avenue, Lafayette Boulevard and Griswold Street come together (across the street from where the American Coney Island comes to a point), there’s a parking structure that the ‘Red Dawn’ folks are using as some sort of police station. They’ve hung a huge red banner with a fictional political symbol at the bottom. Next to it are gigantic letters that spell POLICE.

In front of the building (you can’t see this very well in the photo) is a raised platform that I think will be used as a stage.

So far I haven’t seen any actual filming going on, but someone told me they’re supposed to be taping this week. I heard Josh Peck, the kid from Drake & Josh, is in the movie. How dreamy would it be to run into him stuffing a coney in his mouth?