Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Downtown Detroit provides backdrop for 'Red Dawn' remake

If not for the girl in the red security jacket, I might not have realized the burned-out, broken-down building front was actually being used as a movie set. That’s the sad part, that there are still that many areas of Detroit in disrepair.

Turns out, though, that the little storefront pictured here – only a 100 feet off Woodward on Clifford – was dressed up this way by filmmakers who are recreating “Red Dawn”. On Monday, they filmed an explosion scene just around the corner from this building at Clifford and Griswold that, according to reports, rattled downtown. I wish I had heard about it ahead of time, I would’ve tried to get over there to see it. To see the picture on, it’s amazing that they could set off that kind of explosion right in the middle of the city. (Since I don’t like pilfering other people’s work, I’ll instead give you a link to the story.)

Apparantly, “Red Dawn” and a movie called “Highland Park” starring Danny Glover are both currently being shot at various places around town. What I’m curious to see is what happens to this little building when the movie crews leave town.