Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Catch a great lunch and a cool vibe at Mudgie's cafe in Corktown

Mudgie's is on Porter Street in Corktown
Here's why it's important to get off the main road now and then. If you don't, you'll pass right by without ever finding those little-known places like Mudgie's.

Tucked in a quiet Corktown neighborhood, nowhere near the ballparks and what feels like worlds away from the casino crowd, a little cafe called Mudgie's is serving up gourmet-quality sandwiches while steadily earning a hip reputation among office workers and artists alike. At least that's what it seemed like it when I stopped in.

The sandwiches are first-rate, the atmosphere screams casual-on-purpose, and the menu is loaded with the requisite "made-in-Detroit" goodies like Better Made potato chips and Faygo pop. (This has grown beyond a trend in Detroit; some days it seems easier to get a Rock 'n Rye than a Coke!)

It wasn't long ago that Tiger Stadium shut it doors, the Tigers moved across town, and many people proclaimed Corktown officially dead. But 10 years later, places like Mudgie's, Slow's and Nemo's beg to differ. Stop by during a lunch rush someday and you might too.

FIND IT: Mudgie's is located at Porter and Brooklyn, just a couple of blocks west of the Lodge. Call them at 313-961-2000.