Friday, May 21, 2010

Sinkhole swallows up part of Lafayette Boulevard

If you hadn't already heard, the crews that have been busy ripping down the old Lafayette Building inadvertently knocked into a few things underground that would've been better left alone. Apparently one of those things was a water line, which eventually chewed away at the ground beneath the street and sidewalk, which eventually caused both to cave in the other night.

Gawkers (including one who keeps this silly blog) were plenty the next day, as people jockeyed to get an up-close look at the huge hole in the ground right next to the even huger hole in the ground that was already there. Fortunately my Kage credentials earned me a spot in the front row, where some yuckster (who doesn't keep this silly blog) called out to one of the workers, "Hey, did they find Hoffa?"

It's a pretty incredible sight, and no doubt will add a few weeks (and dollars) to the project of cleaning up the Lafayette Building site. Maybe they should've called MISDIG.