Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bullets, and other bad things to see during lunch

So I was standing on the corner of Lafayette and Second Street, chatting with UMJenn on the phone, when a guy standing in front of WDIV just across the street raised one arm to the sky and fired what sounded like two gun shots into the air. "Holy crap," I said to someone standing near me, "did that guy just fire a gun?" (Note: Not a good thing to say when you're on the phone.)

After firing the shots, the guy set the gun down and laid on the brick sidewalk. After a minute or so, he stripped his red t-shirt off and did a few push-ups. The guy I was standing with called 9-1-1, and a few minutes later, about six cop cars were circled in front of WDIV.

Once the cops were there, we walked over to see if it was, in fact, a real gun, which it was. I know very little about guns, so I can only tell you that it was small, beat up revolver with electrical tape wrapped around the handle. The guy laid on the ground in cuffs mumbling something about "uncovering a conspiracy".

Back across the street, news reporters from both papers were clammering for info, but I told them they could read all about on this blog. (I did, however, agree to share with them a few of the photos I took. Click to see if they use them.)