Monday, April 5, 2010

A weekend trip to the Joe – one last time?

We caught the Red Wings' game against Nashville Saturday afternoon - courtesy of avid reader Squishy (a.k.a - The Leesh) - and barring the unlikely event that somebody hands over playoffs tickets in the next few weeks, this might have been our last chance to see the Wings play at Joe Louis Arena. We'll see.

Their lease at the Joe expires this summer, and there's been talk of the Wings playing at the Palace in the coming years until a new stadium is built downtown. The Wings in Oakland County? That's like putting mayonnaise on a coney dog! We're crossing our fingers that Dave Bing steps in and makes the Wings a too-tasty-to-leave offer.

In the meantime, we (without meaning to) took in every inch of the Joe, from the cool old-timer photos in the Olympia Club, to the mile-long stairwell hike that still has my calves sizzling. If it does turn out to be our last trip to the Joe, it'll go down as a memorable one, even though Nashville did score 16 seconds into overtime to win. We'll highlight some of the cool parts of the trip in this space as the day/week unfolds. Thanks again Squish and Maff.