Monday, April 26, 2010

Little Meg gives Detroit a resounding "thumbs up"

It's too bad the folks at Dateline don't give such positive weight to things like The People Mover and escalators. Because according to Megan – who paid a visit to downtown Detroit last week for Bring Your Cheeky Red-Head To Work Day – "Man, Detroit is awesome! It's got everything!"

Her opinion was formed after a stop at the RenCen to hit McDonald's, a trip through the skywalk that connects the RenCen with the Millender Center, and countless trips up and down as many escalators and elevators as we could find. And that's to say nothing of The People Mover, which apparantly is like a Cedar Point ride if you're 6 years old.

She also got to check out the GM vehicles on display, caught a sweet view of the bridge to Canada, and saw the huge Stanley the Octopus figure outside Joe Louis Arena. In all it was a great visit downtown, despite Dad's desk gig being kind of a drag.

And she's already thinking of coming back sometime this summer. But next time, she wants her bike!