Wednesday, March 3, 2010

GM's RenCen: A year-round auto show

Viewed through the glass-enclosed showroom in front of the GM Renaissance Center, Detroit - with its People Mover track swooping through and the SkyWalk stretching across Jefferson Avenue to the Millender Center - looks like quite the thriving modern metropolis.

Truth is, the RenCen, if you've not been there lately, is a pretty impressive place, anchored by the GM vehicles that are showcased not only in the glass room that faces Jefferson, but all throughout the lower level. The vehicles are displayed among dozens of large video screens and signs that read "GM re:invention". It's like GM's own auto show that plays 12 months a year.

Across from the displays in the lower level, there's a food court, and throughout the building, more and more stores - The RenCen Shops - and restaurants have been added to the building. Recent news of the Seldom Blues closing was kind of a bummer, but there are still plenty of great places in the RenCen to eat and drink. Best of all, with a People Mover stop that goes right to the front of the building, the RenCen is a convenient place to swing through if you're looking to kill an hour or two downtown.