Thursday, March 25, 2010

Frozen Four coming to Ford Field

In recent years, Detroit has hosted big-time events like the SuperBowl. And the MLB All-Star Game. And the Detroit Kennel Çlub Dog Show. Now, Ford Field is primed to host the 2010 NCAA Frozen Four, and Michigan is in the 16-team field battling for a spot.

To get here, the Wolverines must first play Bemidji State this Saturday in Indianapolis. (Bemidji, it should be pointed out, is not a gourmet mustard, but rather a college in Minnesota.) If U-M wins that one, they play again on Sunday in Indy. If they win that one, they'll head to Detroit for the Frozen Four on April 8 & 10, at which point the city will be filthy with JennFriends.

Wolverine fans are already sizing up the Spirit of Detroit for a maize and blue jersey. Realizing that the Michigan State basketball team has a chance to reach a Final Four of its own, those same Wolverine fans - in a rare showing of cross-rivalry brotherhood - have agreed to share the Spirit of Detroit, and have gone so far as to commission the creation of a very sizy green and white diaper.

(This report is completely fabricated. Michigan fans would never do something that mean. And besides, the Spirit is potty-trained.)