Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hot damn, that's a lot of dogs!

After scarfing down two coneys with light chili (for easier handling) and no onions (to avoid vomiting), I asked the owner of American Coney Island how many hot dogs they rip through every day. "Not enough," he said, laughing only a little bit. I pressed further, because drudging up meaningless content for this website has become a critical part of my day.

"On average, we sell about a thousand a day," he said, adding that they've sold as many as 12,000 in a day when something big, like the SuperBowl or a Red Wings parade, is happening downtown. I left, and started thinking about how far 1,000 hot dogs would stretch if you laid them end-to-end. Six inches per dog, 1,000 dogs a day, 365 days a year. By my math, the place hawks about 34.5 miles worth of hot dogs every year. (By the way, if you look real hard at the picture above, you can see the owner through the reflection and behind the grill. He's wearing an American flag-patterned hat.)