Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas in Detroit: Catch the sale at Fanatic U downtown

If there’s a sports fan on your holiday shopping list, you might want to check out a sweet little find I made yesterday over in Greektown. Fanatic U has temporarily set up shop in the building that used to be a bar, Marilyn's on Monroe. They’ve got some tasty deals on shirts, jerseys and all the usual Fanatic U stuff, but they're only going to be around until the merchandise is gone - probably right up until Christmas.

In the back of the store, you can find some pretty cool stocking stuffer type stuff from the dollar table. (I nabbed a couple of 2006 Fall Classic pins...nice!)

Plus, if you spend more than $30, you can take the cornhole challenge. Toss three bags, and if you make one in the hole you get a free baseball cap (and there are a ton to choose from.)

The store is located on (you guessed it) Monroe St., right across from Fishbone's. They don't stay open late, so you might want to get down there during the day. If you go, be sure to mention to the Kage. It won’t get you any kind of special discount, but the confused look on the guy’s face should be priceless.