Wednesday, February 8, 2012

An indepth report on, umm, a statue on Temple Street

A thought struck me the other day. My career may have taken me out to the suburbs, but that's no reason that this fine publication or its audience should suffer.

So after quickly - and needlessly, I'm sure - apologizing for my absence these last few months, I'll resume my exercise of lowering journalistic standards more than I already have. How?

Check out the Times' newest feature, a picture of a statue that stands proudly on the northern edge of the courtyard outside Cass Tech High School. Some recent business took me to Temple Street, most recently made famous when that guy who long ago played Lt. Fancy showed up at the Temple Bar in "Detroit 1-8-7." (Damn, I miss that show!)

What do we know about this statue?
  • It stands proudly on the northern edge of the courtyard outside Cass Tech.
  • It faces Temple Street.
  • And when you catch the sun behind it just right, it looks pretty cool.
How's that for journalism? Hey, if you're new to the Times, welcome. Like the masthead says, it's kinda like news, but not really.

I'll do my best to post updates on here more often than every six months. Wanna help? Feel free to shoot me a photo, or post one on our Facebook page. One way or another, it'll get to us. A little bit of info that describes what you're sending wouldn't hurt either.

Although obviously, it's not a requirement.

It's good to be back...