Thursday, April 7, 2011

Holiday Inn Express & Suites returning to downtown Detroit

Just call it the Holiday Inn-And-Out-And-Back-Inn.

It was just in January when we reported that the Holiday Inn Express & Suites signage was removed from the facade of the building on Washington and Michigan avenues in downtown Detroit.

Now, just a few months later, new temporary Holiday Inn Express & Suites signage hangs from the hotel's awning, which prompted our news hounds to wander in and ask the lobby host, "What's up?" (That's a professional interrogation technique we learned in journalism school.)

He did in fact confirm that the hotel would again be called Holiday Inn Express & Suites within the next couple of weeks, but couldn't offer up any explanation for the strange chain of name-changing events.

So we took our research efforts to Google, but after 30 seconds of relentless tracking, we realized that the "why" in this case really isn't all that interesting. Maybe they were just changing their signs from blue to green. Or maybe Holiday Inn altered the standards it demands of hotels using its name. Or maybe (and I think this theory has some merit) just maybe the national chain didn't want to run the risk of hosting Charlie Sheen and his gang while they were in town.