Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Comerica Park Scoreboard Looms Large Over Leftfield

In the wake of Octavio Dotel's momentary inability to throw a baseball straight, we figured that maybe what the Tiges need to get rolling out west is a little DT Love. In the coming days, look for anything Tigers related to fill this space, which we hope is at least a slight improvement over our recent habit of posting nothing at all.

Will it work? It's anybody's guess, but I like the odds. It's only a matter of time before the Tigers bats heat up. Hell, Cabrera hit a ball so hard last night he nearly killed a guy, and it resulted in an inning-ending double play. The bounces will start going our way soon and when they do, the DT would love to be there waiting to scoop up some of the credit, even if it's only being dished out internally.

So here we go, aiming to ignite a surge that we haven't ridden since 35-5. We begin out beyond the leftfield fence, to the already-monstrous scoreboard that was enlarged this off-season. There are a number of reasons for the upgrade, including a switch to LED technology and the desire to raise the scoreboard about 16 feet so that none of it was blocked by that corner of upper-deck seating down the leftfield line.

One other rumor says that Tigers brass, upon signing Prince Fielder in the off-season, wanted to make opposing pitchers crap their pants by showing a 5,000-square foot picture of Prince whenever he's on deck. So far it hasn't worked. A quick look at MLB stats tells us that OMBMBOPACP (On-Mound Bowel Movements By Opposing Pitchers At Comerica Park) is still at zero, but give it time.

The Love is just beginning.