Friday, November 19, 2010

DIA: Inside/Out program puts art on display around metro Detroit

As a way to share fine art with folks throughout southeast Michigan, it's a pretty cool idea.

And as a marketing tool, it ain't too shabby either.

The DIA's Inside/Out program, part of the museum's celebration of its 125th anniversary, takes framed reproductions of classic works of art and displays them in points throughout Wayne, Oakland, Macomb and Washtenaw counties. Since "public paintings in Detroit" typically means "graffiti on an old building", the Inside/Out program is a great way to class up the joint at little bit.

Having never heard of the program, this reproduction of "Eleonora of Toledo and Her Son" surprised me when I first spotted it in a well-manicured, grassy area on Woodward between the Fox and Fillmore theaters. It's one of five works of art on display in the city; 35 other are scattered around the region. (For our Downriver readers, the closest to home for us is on Biddle in downtown Wyandotte).

You can get detailed locations of all 40 at And, of course, you can always see the real deals at the DIA. If you haven't been down to the old museum lately, it's worth getting reacquainted.